Jewish Americans to be Targets of Disinformation Campaigns Leading up to the 2020 Election.

Always make sure your news sources are trustworthy. In the future, if you come across news or advertising that seems “off” always check with the proper authorities to check the perspective.

A report released last week by the Institute for the Future, “The Human Consequences of Computational Propaganda,” shows how Jews and other minority groups were specifically targeted during the past presidential election and has determined that the upcoming election will be more of the same. But, this time, it could be worse.

Campaigns targeting Jewish Americans took full advantage of tired stereotypes. Bots were used to start conversations regarding Israel and then targeted Muslim American groups to join in. Almost all conversations violently flared and continued to splinter U.S. opinion about Israel. To educate and protect yourself from some dark corners of the web, please check with your local Chabad Rabbi or Rebbetzin.