Chelsea and New England Revolution to Play Against Anti-Semitism

Do you have your ticket for the soccer/football game tomorrow night, May 15th? Taking place at Gillette Stadium, the proceeds from the game will be donated across 15 different organizations all dedicated to raising public awareness and education of Anti-Semitism and stamping out intended for Jews. The evening’s hosts will be the Chelsea and Revolution owners Roman Abramovich and Robert Kraft, respectively.

The two owners came together to organize this event due to the global rise of open hatred toward Jews. Anti-semitism in sport is a bigger problem in Europe with legacy chants and posters and new “curses” spouted against opposing teams. The issue became such a problem for some British teams abusing images of Anne Frank that the hooligans were sent on trips to Auchwitz for a crash course in hatred and some individuals have been banned from their teams’ stadiums for life. To continue to build on their team efforts, both Kraft and Abramovich will each be making a $1M donation.